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I’m Back (But Not Really)!

So, when I left, I spoke briefly about my idea for a second blog that was to only contain personal art, writing, etc. Well, that day is finally here!

I am pleased to announce: The Sardonic Sweater

This blog will be of a much different format than this one was. As much as I loved this blog and the people I met through it, I often used it as a way of avoiding being creative or tackling life’s responsibility. This new blog will consist of completely original writing, poetry, photography, music, and personal projects that I’m working on. It will be updated at least once daily and I hope to see some of your wonderful faces again. I’ve already followed a ton of people from this blog because I loved reading all of your personal material. Can’t wait to take this next step in the more artistic side of my life.



To those of you who have supported this blog over the past four years, thank you so much. It’s been incredibly fun and I’ve met some amazing people while running this address over the years. I owe you all an immense amount of gratitude.

Here are some blogs I think you should follow in place of my absence:



I hope to see all of your beautiful faces in the future. I’ve talked to most of you and built friendships with many of you. I know how talented you all are. I encourage you to keep writing, making music, and drawing. If you keep at it, I guarantee you you’ll have a future with it.

Thank you all once more. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get a blog for personal art and photography.

Lots of love,

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